Introduction of Green Coffee Bean Business

Pride of green coffee specialized trading company We value origin, quality, price, safety, and relationship

Wataru primarily dealt with the handling of raw "green" coffee beans. On returning from oversea army service after the war, the founder, Wataru Nishibayashi, by good fortune discovered "coffee" when he saw a crowd of people while walking amongst burnt ruins left by the war.

He foresaw that the Japanese would love coffee. From that moment, he came to realize that coffee business was his destiny and he searched for delicious coffee beans all over the world. He has passed on his heritage well; now Wataru, as a trading firm specializing in import of green coffee beans, is far ahead of its competition with its exquisite assortment of high quality beans.

Blue Mountain is the world leading brand with its highest grade. Blue Mountain coffee is only produced in Jamaica. Our passion to the high quality coffee beans extends to the management of coffee plantation in Jamaica.

Recently, specialty coffee has been widely noticed and getting popularity. Wataru looks for wonderful coffee beans from over the world and imports for roasters in Japan. Wataru plays a role of “Bridge” between coffee producers all over the world and Japanese roasters.


Wataru Blue Mountain Farm

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