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Variety of coffee machineries expand the way of enjoy coffee Wataru offers a wide range of machines and equipment including world famous brand

Coffee is imported to Japan in different styles such as green coffee beans, roasted beans, soluble coffee, and liquid coffee. Among others, Green coffee beans take the biggest portion in volume and value.

From green coffee beans to a cup of coffee, there are many steps of processing (roasting – blending – grinding – packing – brewing). We handle varieties of machines and equipment for each step.

In range of our products, we have large scale roasting machine and grinder for factory, medium sized grinder, brewing machine and package for industrial use, and also small grinder, brewing machine for home use.

Wataru has been the main distributor of world famous brand “ditting coffee grinder” in Japan for over 45 years. The range of ditting coffee grinders cover factory use, industrial use, and coffee shop use. The performance of grinders meets the needs of customers and we receive good reputations from customers over many years.

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